Tuesday, 6 December 2011

When Triangle Meets Coke Beans

This time I used Titanium as base to develop more interesting shapes with clean and beautiful surface, also I changed glue to make the brooches stronger. Just enjoyed play these materials! 

PS: I do feel sorry for this dead fig tree which had a really lovely crown. Unfortunately, it died a few months after I took it home : (

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Hongshan Lane 2 (洪山二巷)

(Hongshan Park nears Lane 2; I was the aggressive one in the middle)

Lane 2 was the place I spent childhood at, where also was the place my dad grew up.  With the urban development, the laneway was demolished when I was 11 and property developers built high-raised apartments there. I had lovely childhood at lane 2 with my fellows and cousins. I still can remeber the days we watching cartoons together, playing silly games, and having cold noodles at bamboo bed at summer nights. I still can remeber how I simply enjoyed making stuff and drawing pictures when I was a kid.

Hope I still can keep this simple passion and joy in my heart, and be myself.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Brooches & Branches

These sustainable handcrafted brooches are made from salvaged materials. I kind of enjoying making something new from something old, and by doing that I start to realise how many creations I can do from waste. Spending weekends on craft is a rewarding for me from hardworking days.

PS: Thank you for people who bought my brooches at Reverse Garbage exhibition. They are sold out, which gives my great encouragement! Thank you, no matter I know you or not : )